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Earn an extra income by renting your property for vacation or short stays, taking advantage of the opportunity that the Greek Tourism Authority offers (Law 4179/2013).
The process is straightforward, requires standard engineering permits from relevant state authorities and is administered by the Greek Tourism Authority (E.O.T.). The law mentioned above describes also the enforcement process and in case owners renting their properties without the required permits, are subject to fines ranging from 1,000 to 50,000 euros.
Our company has developed the expertise to support you through the process with a minimal cost, considering the risk and the amount of fines. In any case, the required screening for the permit process will be beneficial for you, giving you the opportunity to realize if there are illegal structures in your property that could result in additional state fines.
In addition to the permit process our company is offering solutions that package the permits with the management and advertising of your property, helping to develop a top-notch rental property.
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